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Storage Solutions for T-Top


Storage Solutions

  • Pole Pocket can be used to
    store Phones, Tools, Glasses, Etc
  • Beverage Holder Keeps Your Beverage Close and Secure
  • Trash Tote is Easily Removed and Includes Carrying Handles

  • Durable Black Nylon Mesh

  • Conveniently Store Items Within Reach
  • Quickly Attaches with Velcrofont> Straps
  • Available Individually or as a Package

Phones, Beer, Sun Screen and other items
 pictured are not included

Storage Package with Trash Tote, 2 Beverage Holders and 2 Pole Pockets - $50

Two Beverage Holders - $25

Trash Tote  - $20

One Pole Pocket - $15


Pole Pocket for T-Top
Pole Pocket

  Pole Pocket with cell phone on T-Top
Pole Pocket with Cell Phone

  Easily Attaches to the T-Top
Easy to Attach and Remove

Beverage Holder

Trash Tote for T-Top 
Trash Tote

 Trash Tote in General Use on T-Top
Trash Tote Used for General Storage



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