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Front View


Straps to the T-Top frame with 2"
Canvas Straps with rubber lining to prevent shifting or movement.

Allows you to boat & fish year round

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Fishmaster Windshield

  • Protects you against the cold wind and wet weather.

  • Attaches quickly and easily.

  • Custom sewn to fit your T-Top.

  • Constructed with .040 Marine
    Grade Clear Vinyl.

  • Rolls up for easy storage.

  • Attaches with eleven 2 inch canvas straps with no skid rubber lining to prevent sliding or movement.

  • Measures 41" tall and sewn to the specific width of your t-top.

  • Match your T-Top canvas. 
    The Windshield is available in all 9 Sunbrella Fishmaster canvas colors.


Click Here to Download T-Top Measurement Form
 necessary for us to accurately sew
 your Fishmaster Windshield.

Please fax your form to 678-679-1508
 or e-mail it to Sales@fishmaster.com
Include your phone # and e-mail address.

Windshields are only made
for Fishmaster T-Tops

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of your windshield
from the time we receive your measurements.

Rear View

Rolls up in seconds for easy storage



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