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Fishmaster was created to provide innovative and affordable products to fellow fishing addicts. It began in the Spring of 2005 as a team of seasoned engineers who had designed the most popular wakeboard tower set out to build the first universal t-top that could fold for fixed bridges and storage. This quickly grew to a team including other engineers, professional fishermen and boat dealers providing input from every perspective - installation, ownership, design, structural analysis and manufacturing.  The team had one common goal - create a great T-Top and make it affordable.

We then set our sights on providing a complete line of accessories for the Fishmaster T-Top including swivel rod holders, innovative soft goods storage products and many others.  We are currently working on my new products and accessories for fishing boats that each have innovative functionality and are affordable.

Our goal is to have 100% customer satisfaction.  It is not acceptable to us if any customer that owns our products are not completely satisfied.  If you own a Fishmaster product and are not 100% happy please contact us, our job is not done yet!

We thank you for your interest in Fishmaster and look forward to the opportunity to provide you outstanding service and support.

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Do-it-yourself Canvas Awnings for Windows and Doors

Do-it-yourself Canvas Awnings for Windows and Doors




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