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John Nixon's Carolina Skiff
Well, I have to say Iím very pleased with my new Fishmaster T-top, to be honest for the price I was really worried about what I was going to get. Was also kind of worried about buying online , but everything was as your site stated shipping, charges, and the quality of the t-top itself.  Didnít take to long to get installed, with help from a few friends I would say we knock it out in about 3 hours or so.  Canít wait to you all come out with the Electronics Box to go with the T-Top, anyway I was very pleased with what I got, and you canít beat the price.


Brett Jones's Carolina Skiff

  I have had my Fishmaster T-Top on my 1980DLX Carolina Skiff for 1 year. From the moment of installation, to the present time, I have always been very satisfied with your product. The first 100 hours of use has been flawless, and with your Fishmaster Top's quality construction, I anticipate many more years of trouble free use. I also love the ease of use and adjustability of the rod-holders.  Again, thanks for a great T-Top at a fair price.



David Oswald's Carolina Skiff

I recently purchased  and installed a Fishmaster T Top.
I am very pleased with the product thus far, it's quality, and the ease of installation.
  It is installed on a 198 Carolina Skiff Elite.


James Jordan's Carolina Skiff


Bobby Savage's Carolina Skiff


Masahiro Shibata's Carolina Skiff
Carolina Skiff with Fishmaster T-Top at the Tokyo Boat Show March 6, 2008.  In Japan please contact BC -Canal -




Dennis Jaeger's Carolina Skiff

Here are some pictures of my skiff. The top was easy to install. Note how happy the grandchildren are to have some shade. 
Thanks for the great top



David Brinker's Carolina Skiff



Bill Wiese's Carolina Skiff


Harry Cottrill's Carolina Skiff

 Got the top installed easy as pie !!!  Even did a step by step on the install and have it on the site. Lots of people asking me about it.
Visit Harry's Great web site at :


Jonathan Sheeler's Carolina Skiff

I mounted the Top on my 19' DLV Elite Carolina Skiff. The top was easy to mount and looks great .
I'll see you guys soon for some rod holders and more mounts.



George Frizzelle's Carolina Skiff




Chris Edward's Carolina Skiff

Here are a few pictures of our Carolina Skiff 198 Elite Series with your Fishmaster T-Top. It fits in our garage with room to spare. Your directions were very easy to follow. Installation was easy.

Your web site make the T-Top seem to good to be true, but it's everything and more.


Harry Mapp's Carolina Skiff



Alan Hoffman's Carolina Skiff

I was really impressed with the quality and engineering of the T-Top. It was about a 1/2 day's work with a couple of fish'n buddies.



Chris Beck's Carolina Skiff

My Carolina Skiff 218 Elite with the Fishmaster top installed. The looks and quality of the top seems top notch, and I appreciate all your help and great customer service.





Mark Carmack's Carolina Skiff

I wish I would have done this two boats ago!!


Before                                                                             After

Barry Ostean's Carolina Skiff
Love the T-top. You guys turned my Carolina Skiff into a fishing machine. 
It has improved the ease of fishing with this boat beyond what I had imagined. 
No more battling through the poles and straps of the bimini. 
It was easy to install and is super functional. We haven't had any problems with it.

Kevin Duffy's Carolina Skiff

I couldn't be happier with the top.  It makes the boat - plus the rod holders, spreader lights and 
navigation lights look perfect on the universal mounts.  
I attached a few pictures for you to choose from for the site if you want - including one closer up of how I used the existing handrail. 
 If someone with the same boat decides to install one, might be food for thought - and I'm sure my "solution" could 
easily be improved upon to look cleaner.  Looking forward to a great summer on the water with the new top!  
Thanks again for everything!
Marty Dudley's Carolina Skiff
It was easy to install and looks great. 
Harry Hamilton's Carolina Skiff

Here are several photos illustrating the installation of a Fishmaster T-Top on a 1765 Carolina Skiff.

Also modified one of the rod holders to support a post and swivel rear view mirror.

The top was installed by myself and 90 year old father in about 4 hours.  

Several friends have had custom tops, costing around $2000.00, installed in the last year, none are more substantial or look any better than the Fishmaster Ė some not as good.  Unbeatable price, have never been more satisfied with any product or service.  If I am ever in the market for another T-Top Fishmaster will be my first consideration. 



Jason Cheek's Carolina Skiff

So there I was; the start to every good story; looking at T-Tops forthe brand new 2010 Carolina Skiff DLX I had ordered and was waiting to
go pick up.  Most of the custom built stuff ran over 2000.00 and up, which I was leery about, especially for something that in my mind was
a glorified umbrella and fishing rod holder, yet a really cool looking one.  I was also concerned that there was no way Iíd be able to get
under any bridge on freshwater ever again.  Then I find another company who made a top that had pins and the whole thing came off; but
something looked flimsy and cheap about it.  For 600.00 I was concerned I still wouldnít be getting my moneyís worth.  Then I ran
across Fishmasterís website, with itís Hooter-esque calendars and full line of accessories and I saw the folding part.  I thought ďWow, this
is cheaper than custom built, I can rig the whole thing with my VHF antenna, rocket launchers and halogen lighting for less than 1700.00
shipped.Ē  But as I had never seen one of these tops here in NC in person, I was still leery about it until the boxes showed up.
Pictures can only do so much justice to a product, and then you just have to put your hands on it.  But, as a North Georgia College
graduate, I was familiar with the Forsyth County, GA area and the type of folks that live and work there, so I took a leap of faith and
ordered the whole shebang.  I had to wait on backorder for a while, which was not a problem because my boat was being built at the same
time a couple of hours away from the Fishmaster folks.  Luckily my top came in a few days after I got the boat picked up.  I was honestly
stunned at the level of precision put into the design of the top and the size and gauge aluminum used to construct it.  My first thought
was, this is no cheap fly by night operation, this thing is the real deal.  The folks at Fishmaster were awesome when I had a million and
one questions about how to rig the wiring for my lights and communications equipment.  It took about a day, working mostly alone
to get the frame installed and set it.  Once I set the standoffs in place, this thing was solid enough for me to do chin ups on, but being
a bigger guy I didnít attempt it.  The second day was spent tracing wires through the tubing, in and out around the welded joints, which I
installed grommets, sealed the holes with the leftover 5200 from the deck mounting, and heat shrunk all my exposed wiring.  Last thing was
to tie on the Sunbrella cover, which presented no major challenges.  I will tell anyone, especially Carolina Skiff owners, who are a unique
breed in and of themselves, if you have any thoughts about putting a T-Top on your Skiff, I say go for it, and get in touch with these
guys.  As someone who refuses to pay full price for anything if I can help it, I will tell you this; compared to any other top I have ever
seen or put hands on, this is your best bargain and worth every penny. I advise you this also, set aside 2 days to work on it, follow every
step to the letter, measure twice, cut once and take your time; do it RIGHT.  I have been running mine down the highway and wide open on the
lake and had no problems at all.  I would also tell you, as you can see in the pictures, get a T-Bag for your top as well.  It is very
handy, even if you choose to use the electronics box, and saves a ton of storage from your decks with things like life vests, jackets, rain
gear, etc.  And finally, Fishmasterís accessories, like rod holders, lighting, antenna mounts and so on, are all the same quality build and
finish that the top is, and I recommend anything these guys make.  Iím not being endorsed or compensated in any way for writing this, and
itís usually something I would never take the time to do, but I am just so impressed with the product I got after being a little unsure
what to expect.  I know there are others out there who feel the sameway, looking at tops and thinking ďIs this really all that and a bag
of chips?  I am leery about ordering something based on pictures and I can't put my hands on it....Ē  Give Fishmaster a chance.  I did, and
have no regrets and will be a loyal customer from now on for all mymarine needs that they carry a product for.
Robert Ussery's Carolina Skiff
I am pleased with your product installation was smooth and without any difficulties. 
I think your t top is a quality product at an affordable price it looks great on my boat. 
Your support team was prompt and courtious with my installation questions, Again thanks for a great product
Jeff Albright's Carolina Skiff
Bob Williams's Carolina Skiff
Thanks for making an affordable quality product.
I did the install by myself so it took 5-6 hrs to get totally done. Good instructions.
Carl Sylvis's Carolina Skiff
BEFORE                                                                       AFTER
John Faulkner's Carolina Skiff
All in all I'd say it was good value for the money and adds a lot to my boat.
I would recommend folding the canopy lace to find the mid point then start lacing at the front middle
working down each side to the rear of the canopy. Less line to pull through the grommets and it fastens
in the rear which makes it easier to unlace for rocket launchers if needed.
I also recommend an anti-galvanic corrosion grease named Lanocote. (It comes in 4oz jar.) I've used
this successfully before when fastening stainless fittings to aluminum sailboat masts.


Paul Dailey's Carolina Skiff
Again, thanks for your great product and the opportunity to promote your company's logo by 
wearing the t-shirts here in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
Scott Corey's Carolina Skiff
It's a great top strong and sturdy. I know people that have spent a lot more and got a lot less and thanks for all the support.
Dave Arnolds 's Carolina Skiff
Install was easy. product quality is awesome. customer service great ! I fish/crab in the Chesapeake Bay area.

Richard Fisher's Carolina Skiff

Rick Boshek's Carolina Skiff


Bill Bennett's Carolina Skiff

I finished install of my new Fishmaster T-top and it looks great.
This T-top is exactly what I was looking for and fits on my boat with room to spare.



Yates Smith's Carolina Skiff

Fishmaster T-Top installed on a 2012 Carolina Skiff 198 DLV.
Your installation instructions worked  absolutely great and everything fit perfectly.
Also wanted to thank you for the wonderful service.  I ordered it on Monday and it was delivered on Wednesday.
With the help of a neighbor, we assembled and installed it, laced the cover on in a total of 6 hours.


Jim Hedgecock's Carolina Skiff

This was a very easy install. I expected it to be quite a bit harder. I did however move the top foward by about 6in. It helps with rod holders on leaning post, and on Top. Anyway I like it!  Thanks for a quality product. Thanks for the fantastic service!!
 Im telling everyone on


Linford Oberholtzer's Carolina Skiff

The top is awesome I put it on the end of October so I didn't get to use it much, but spring will be here shortly thanks for a great product at a affordable price!


Steve Jeffers Carolina Skiff

I installed your T-top on my Carolina Skiff 198 DLV and was pleased with the fit  and the ease of installation.
My son and I completed this install in 3.5 hours, which I found to be unbelievable.
 I was prepared for an all weekend project but simply put it was easy and the boat looks great. Thanks for everything!


Larry Letson's Carolina Skiff

We really love our new t-top.  We had no trouble with the install and we are looking forward to using it!  Great product and customer service was superior! 


Jeff Cummings' Carolina Skiff



Dan Wood's Carolina Skiff



Buzz Christensen's Carolina Skiff


Chip Perfetuo's Carolina Skiff

This 2012 Carolina Skiff is our first boat and we wanted to equip our new toy with all of the cool stuff. Your affordable pricing helped.
The T Top, rocket launchers, storage bag and electronic box really make this boat awesome. My sons and I installed the whole package.
The cup holders were a great addition as well. We get many compliments on the boat and the new equipment.



Del Goddard's Carolina Skiff


Ed Henley's Carolina Skiff

This T Top and electronics box is awesome. I would have easily paid between 1200.00 and 1800.00 if I had the top and electronics box built locally. I recently ( 01-13-2013 ) purchased this 2001 17 foot Carolina Skiff. It came with a bimini top but my preference is a T Top as it is more fisherman friendly and does not get in the way like a bimini. I found the instructions to be easy to follow and with a little assistance, the top can be installed in a few hours. I installed the electronics box prior to the canvas and used ratchet straps to hold the box in place while I drilled the holes in the tubes for perfect alignment. Wrap the straps over the top of the tubes so the S Hooks do not touch the electronics box and the ratcheting devices should be placed in such a manner as they are not touching the box as well. Center the box, tighten the straps, drill the holes, insert the bolts and nuts, and tighten. This seemed to make it simpler as a second person did not have to hold the box in place while trying to mark the holes. Also note that this boat's console is not very tall so I installed the standoffs at a slight angle and they work great. This Top really dresses out this small boat.


Adrian Lusardi's Carolina Skiff

Anytime you guys need a reference please let me know !



Perry McFall's Carolina Skiff


Steve Robertson's Carolina Skiff



Walt Hall's Carolina Skiff

I am very pleased with your product and would and will recommend it highly. 
 Anyone in the Raleigh,NC area wanting to know how one looks up close and personal please feel free to contact me.



Jack Hancock's Carolina Skiff


Rudy Beu's Carolina Skiff

Fishmaster T-Top installed on my 2013 Carolina Skiff 198-DLV.  Your T-Top is awesome.



Tom Brigg's Carolina Skiff


Ross Mull's Carolina Skiff


Ronald Nead's 2012 Carolina Skiff 198 DLV


Bret Givens' 2012 Carolina Skiff

I found it to be a very Quality Product with straight forward instructions that were easy to follow and install and the shipping was super-fast. I ordered it on a Monday and had it Wednesday afternoon !

Thanks You Very Much


Lance Kelly's 2012 Carolina Skiff

Love the new top installed on my 17' Carolina Skiff DLX



Sherry White's Carolina Skiff


Dallas Franklin's Carolina Skiff


Tom Briggs Sr's Carolina Skiff

I'm extremely pleased with my Fishmaster T Tops. I bought one for a 17' Carolina Skiff, and decided to buy another Carolina Skiff, a 2013 218 DLV. I took it out one time, came back in and told my wife, we need to put a Fishmaster T Top on this. We picked Fishmaster for their great quality and reasonable price, not to mention their great customer service reputation. Choose a Fishmaster, you can't go wrong. Tom Briggs Sr



Martin DeRoon's Carolina Skiff

I want to thank you for an awesome product. It only took 3 hrs. to install by myself. This product Exceeds All Expectations.  Thanks Again!



Mark Marshall's Carolina Skiff


Kent McDonald's Carolina Skiff

I love my new T-top, it makes my Carolina Skiff look like a real fishing machine. It was easy to install, the directions were clear, and your support staff was very helpful. The overall workmanship of everything was more than I expected. I installed it in one day by myself, except for my wife helping me lift it onto the boat.



Ward Gollins's Carolina Skiff

My wife bought me your t-top for my 19ft Carolina skiff for fathers day my 2 sons and I installed it in a couple of hours really impressed with the quality.


Billy Inge's Carolina Skiff

I just wanted to thank FishMaster for a superb product.  The T-Top exceeded my expectations for ease of installation, stability, and materials.  This t-top is worth much more than the price.  I am waiting for delivery of two more rod holders to add to the back of the t-top. 
Thanks for a great product.  Here are some pictures of my 2007 218DLV Carolina Skiff.


Ben Studer's Carolina Skiff


Skylor Layman's Carolina Skiff

This is the T-Top I recently had installed on my Carolina Skiff. I love the design of these tops and their stability.
Thank yall so much for the effort you guys put in to designing these.



Greg Rook's Carolina Skiff

T-Top it installed easily and seems like a very well thought out design.l am very happy with it and your service.


Bob Turney's Carolina Skiff



Scott Burnette's Carolina Skiff

I was able to out the top together in about 5 hours and it works great! A good value too, the skiff looks good with the top.


Jim Spaulding's Carolina Skiff

Pics of t top installed on my carolina skiff dlv 178. Install was straightforward and top is very sturdy.  Even the fold down only takes a couple of minutes.


Tony Hutchins' Carolina Skiff


Dave & Sheryl's Carolina Skiff


Tom Peterson's Carolina Skiff

Just installed the new t-top on my 2014 Carolina Skiff 198 DLV.  Simple installation and the top looks great.  I received some additional pouches in the packaging - pleasantly surprised. 



Mike Ewing's Carolina Skiff


Richard Walters' Carolina Skiff


Dean LeCates' Carolina Skiff

2014 Carolina Skiff. 218 DLV with Fishmaster T-Top - Awesome


Fish-N-Whistle Charters Carolina Skiff




Ray Hampton's Carolina Skiff


Mike Plante's Carolina Skiff

I am totally impressed with Fishmaster . Prompt delivery; ordered Saturday and received it Wednesday morning. I unpacked everything and installed the T Top and electronics box. They included almost everything needed for the install; Allen wrenches, 3M 5200, all screw holes were pre-lubricated The install took a bit longer than expected because I chose to run two power lines, one for anchor light and one for accessories. Again, I cannot say enough about my Fishmaster experience so far.



Patrick Miller's Carolina Skiff

2012 carolina skiff 218dlv


Matthew Eak's Carolina Skiff

Thanks for a great product!  I installed my T-Top by myself over the course of a few afternoons.  Added a few extra rod holders, spreader light, and nav light.  Need to run power to the lights and I'll be ready to take it out for a test run!  Folded down, the cover still fits great!  


Clayton Lowe's Carolina Skiff


David Sobel's Carolina Skiff


Shawn Thompson's Carolina Skiff


Claude Holt's Carolina Skiff

Just finished and have made two trips out seems to work great. My Friend and I each purchased a fishmaster t tops at Monahans Marine in Weymouth MA. We are not done with his yet. Both boats are Maritime Skiffs, 17  and 19 ft. I charter with my boat so it was a necessity, Thank you for you help. I also liked the option of removing the top at mid section for winter storage. The boat is 7 and looks like new. the t top looks really good and makes it a better ride for my older more sun conscious clients. Thank you!


Pat Bell's Carolina Skiff

Ordered the T-Top on Tuesday and received it on Thursday. Installed it on Saturday and went fishing on Sunday.
What a great product and easy install on my 2014 Carolina Skiff JVX 18. Keeps the hot Texas sun off me and my wife.


Benny Troutman's Carolina Skiff

Installed the fishmaster t-top on my Carolina skiff 19 DLX.  The fishmaster t-top was easy to install and looks great.  This t-top is built like a tank,  much better top than I expected. 
You guys build everything to the quality you advertise. I am happy, happy, happy.


Robert Peterson's Carolina Skiff

Hi guys.  I received my Top on Thursday the 30th. Started the build and install preparation on Friday, got a buddy to help me install it on Saturday and Polished it up, installed the rod holders and canvas today (Sunday).  Here are a few pics and I hope you use one in your advertising.  The Top was easy to build and install.  The kit included everything needed and I especially liked the calendar!

Iíll be putting it to the test tomorrow (Monday) for some mid season stripers and blues  Iím sure The new Top will impress them so expect to have a fun day. 

Thanks again for the quick delivery.


Dustin Walker's Carolina Skiff


Jason O'Hare's Carolina Skiff


Richard Greene's Carolina Skiff

My installed Fishmaster T-Top on my Carolina Skiff. It works great with no problems.


Michael Cuccinello's Carolina Skiff

Attached are the pic's of the successful installation of a Fishmaster T-Top on my 21' Carolina Skiff.  I took me approximately 14 hours to install the T-Top, rod holders & wire up & mount a navigation & spreader light.  Followed every step of the instruction & had know issues or concerns.  The product is very high quality at a great price point.  


Mitch Bailey's Carolina Skiff

Here's my 2008 Carolina Skiff.I love this top, very well made.It keeps me out of the sun during the day and lights up the night, couldn't be happier.


Dan Corleto's Carolina Skiff

It a great T-Top. Sturdy, Very easy to install. The electronic box is the perfect addition. Highly Recommend!


Bubba McLemore's Carolina Skiff


Anthony Finley's Carolina Skiff