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Chris Seda's Boston Whaler
Installed the top on my 18' Boston Whaler Dauntless with no problem. This top was installed while the boat was in the water at the dock. The next day it was 15 miles offshore.




Ed Peltzer's Boston Whaler

I purchased a T top last month . It’s doing great. I Just love it. Thanks for the great product…



Rich Nielsen's Boston Whaler

These are some pix of my 18 ft. B-Whaler with the new top. Due to the extensive wood work on this classis '88, keeping it in the shade is very important in S. Florida! The top does exactly what I hoped for. It updates the look of the vessel, and folds down low enough so I could get it under my shade port. Customer/Tech support was excellent and a minor issue with the Q-knobs was resolved quickly. I added the E-box and a T-bag, because one of my issues was storage space down low. Thanks for a great add on, and all of your help!



Johnny Little's Boston Whaler

Here is a picture of my new Fishmaster Top on my Boston Whaler Dauntless 18ft. 
The top is better than I expected, my wife and I are very impressed!



Sgt. Steve Russell / Montcalm Sheriffs Dept.'s  Boston Whaler

Everything went smooth with the install and the light bar was mounted using two of your universal accessory rails. 
Looks like we’ve got a sturdy well made top and my marine deputies have nothing but praise.
Thank you,  Sgt. Steve Russell  Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office


John Cowen's Boston Whaler

Here's my new Fishmaster T-top installed on my 19' Boston
Whaler Outrage.  Greg was particularly helpful in placing my order.  My boat
has a tilting center console and he recommended adding an additional set of
horizontal stabilizers as well as the vertical stabilizers.  Installation
went very well although it took a little more thought to locate the extra
stabilizers.  The end result is stunning.  Beautiful, strong and quite.
Everyone compliments the new T-top.



Alfred Heng's Boston Whaler



Denis Pelletier's Boston Whaler

I installed it on my 1970 Boston Whaler 16. It sure gives a professional look




Ben Pepa's Boston Whaler

I'd like to invite you to my webpage to see my Fishmaster T-top I purchased from you last spring:

It’s a 17” Boston Whaler and I had a simple solution for mounting it to the floor.  What I did was remove the stock L brackets that bolt the console to the floor on either side and replaced it with a longer one and wider one.  I then bolted the t-top legs to the L bracket to the legs of the t-top and bolted the console to it, and then the bracket to the floor.

I soon realized what the problem was where there was no wood for me to bolt the forward legs to the floor without either moving the console back a bunch, so I went with this solution. 



  James Mobley's Boston Whaler

 I have a 17' Boston Whaler Montauk that has clearly on your website been an issue to install one of these tops. Well, I was a little concerned until I understood that it was due to the angles of the front that could not seat the feet. I ended up making a support out of wood to create a flat face on top out of treated plywood. Then wrapped it in fiberglass with a good amount of resin. You know the routine if you have worked with it before. I did not want to modify the boat so I made this part so if down the road it needs to be replaced I can take it out. The board was then mounted with 2" stainless screws and sealed with marine adhesive. From this I was able to mount the legs to the new flat front.. I then tried the test of yanking it and it seemed good.  After all said and done I had to take it out. We hit some 2+ foot waves a few times and bounced the chop and all is good. I plan on putting 2 more of the support rods into the console before next trip just to have a little more piece of mind that my front feet are secure. I tried to shake them and they are not going anywhere, but when hitting the chop it seemed to top wobble a little. I will say that it is 100% worth the investment! Fishing around one of these is night and day then trying to with a bimini. I often would not put the old top up because of the hassle of fishing around it and come back sunburned and dehydrated. Well attached is a picture of the boat with the top..

Thank you for the prompt shipping as well. Very nice!!!



Joe McRonalds's Boston Whaler

I'm very pleased with it



Theodoros Christidis's Boston Whaler

Athens, Greece


Keltricide's Boston Whaler



Keith Lumma's Boston Whaler

Here are some pic's of my new top installed on my 1997 Boston Whaler Outrage.  This top is awesome 
and gets compliments from everyone who sees it.  It has turned my dive boat into a completely new boat.  I was able 
to install it by myself in my driveway in about 3 hours.Your sales and customer service department is beyond compare 
and I can't wait to do business with you in the future.
Tom Dean's Boston Whaler
I Absolutely love the top! This top was slightly modified to fit my Boston Whaler by 
the dealer (Atlantic Marine in Daytona)  and has worked out great. Atlantic Marine did an 
excellent job and the experience was totally positive from the beginning to end.
Louie Smith's Boston Whaler
1986 Boston Whaler  17ft Montauk. Your top was installed by Harbor Light Marina in Lavonia, GA I have included a picture of the shim
used to level the front legs of the top.100% satisfied in the installation. I have taken the Whaler off shore out of Edisto Beach and beat the boat with 2+ foot waves and NO t-top movement in the legs, solid as if the top was factory installed. Thanks for building such a good quality top. It turns a lot of heads. You Boston Whaler owners thinking about having a top installed, find a credible installer or use mine.




Tom Price's Boston Whaler

The T-Top on my 1999 Boston Whaler Outrage 18.  I am happy with the finish quality of the T-top.  It really enhances the look of the Whaler, and the shade it provides is terrific when the temperature reaches about 100.  The T-Top handles my boat speed of 35mph just fine, and is solid when hitting big boat wakes.




Charles Malone's Boston Whaler

I had to do some changes on the front legs.  But other than that I had no problems on the first fishing trip I got comments at the gas station. 
I installed it by my self an I'm 71 years old.



Rob Giard's Boston Whaler

I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my husband.  He is absolutely thrilled with this T-top.  Loves it a million times over.
Thank you for making a great product with great shipping an easy assembly.



Tim & Spencer Haskin's Boston Whaler



Daniel Engles's Boston Whaler

I had great customer service, my T top arrived in reasonable time. The T top was easy to assemble & the quality was excellent. The T top works great for my 18 foot Boston Whaler Outrage. I look forward in purchasing more product from you guys in the future. Thanks Dan.



 Boston Whaler

Spotted in Hope Town on Elboy Cay, Abaco, Bahamas
Bob Brock's Boston Whaler
I love the ease of installation. I did it by myself and I'm 70. 
I used a few tricks I've learned in the years. 
Thanks Gregg for your help, everyone at Fishmaster is a pleasure to talk with. 
For Boston Whaler installers feel free to have them contact me if they have questions. 
On the 2007 model the floor is flat and level making for an easy installation. 
I had to get the vertical stiffeners because the Whalers console is short.
Very pleased with ease of installation, the craftsmanship for the money and the sturdiness. Job well done.

Brent Spencer's Boston Whaler


Stewart Nelsons Boston Whaler

The restoration is complete on my 1988 18' Outrage. The tower is fantastic! Good job on your design. Check out the matching hull color on the electronics box and the great mounting location for the speakers. Come on out for a boat ride someday!
Fish On!




Scott Cameron's Boston Whaler

1997 Boston Whaler Model Justice 17

Sturdy, light, ease of use and installation. Great all around.


Irwin Hader's  1983 Boston Whaler


Dan Mulholland's Boston Whaler


Chris Smith's Boston Whaler

I installed the T-top entirely by myself, I am sure it would be easier with a helper but it can be done!
Also the quality of the Fishmaster T-Top is excellent, and for the price you can't go wrong!

Thanks Fishmaster!


Rick Williams' Boston Whaler


Donny Albino's Boston Whaler

Thank you fishmaster for your high quality product as well as the great

service. Here is a photo of my recently restored Boston Whaler with the

fishmaster T top, the leaning post, the anchor light, antenna base and light base. Thank you, Donny Albino from Puerto Rico.


Adam Bowman's Boston Whaler


Wade Johnson's Boston Whaler

Kodiak Island, Alaska - 20ft Boston Whaler V-20 Outrage


Wayne Quinlan's Boston Whaler

2004 Boston Whaler 180 Dauntless.

I am very pleased with the way the t top looks and have already gotten compliments, even from Matthews Marine, who did the work in Beaufort, SC.

Jim Distefano's Boston Whaler

Here are photos of my recent install on a 2003, 16' Dauntless Boston Whaler.

The actual install was easy. The custom wiring of the electronic box and led lights took a bit more time being that it was my first and "on the fly". Any way I'm very happy with the quality of the T-Top components and how well it fits on the boat. I originally bought the e-box to mount a stereo but after wondering where to put the speakers and such I decided to go wireless with a Bluetooth Bose Mini Speaker. This way I can take it all home and not worry about corrosion. Inside the box I installed a panel with a negative bus bar, 4 switches and two 12 volt power outlets so I can switch the Led lights and charge my phone and the Bose if needed. I made the windshield from 1/4" Lexan and mounted it with plastic wire ties. I put a slight bend at the bottom with a heat gun to match the lower angle of the frame legs. I'll come off after the spring passes with a simple snip of the ties.

I can tell already that the shade afforded by the top will be a great feature when the summer sun starts blazing.

I hope this helps others with their installations, it was a great winter project for me!



Bobby Ream's Boston Whaler

Awesome product and customer service - I love it!


Fred Johnson's Boston Whaler


Tom Renard's Boston Whaler

What a great look!  My 1999 Boston Whaler Outrage 18 has never looked better than with your awesome T-Top on board.  Thank you for a fantastic product! Captain Reno



Ken Kollar's Boston Whaler


Ryan Williams' Boston Whaler

I installed your T-top on my 1993 Boston Whaler Outrage and it fits awesome. I've had it out on one trip so far and it was awesome. Had it  out in 2-3 ft seas, pouring rain and florida summer summer sun and it did great. It did loosen up a little bit to be expected when running 15 miles offshore in 2-3s.  I even managed to shoot two 40 lb cobia and  we filled the cooler with kings.  Hell of a first day with the T-top.



Jon Knapp's Boston Whaler

I love my new T-Top. Fits my 19ft Boston Whaler Montauk perfectly. Thanks.


Ray Leoni's Boston Whaler

When I first visited your website I was impressed by your honest admonitions about the potential difficulty in installing your T-Top in a 1996 Boston Whaler Montauk because of the floor angled surface just ahead of the console where the two forward supports would screw to the floor. Because you alerted me to that situation I was able to work out a potential solution before I placed the order and the solution, which is simply a shim tapered in two directions, worked out well.

The first photo shows the assembled T-Top held to the correct angle by ropes both longitudinally and laterally using taut line hitches to permit easy adjustability to the boat which is leveled side-to-side. This allowed me to measure how thick the forward shims needed to be and how much taper was needed both fore and aft and side to side.

The next photo is of one of the two forward shims made from pressure treated decking wood after it was cut with the side-to-side taper. I set my table saw blade to 15 degrees and cut this so that its thickness came out about 3/4 inches at the high side with a width of 2 1/2 inches and about a foot long. I then cut off a 3 3/4 inch length and proceeded to form a taper in the lengthwise direction using a hand chisel and finally finishing up with a belt sander. That was a trial and error process but went fast for both forward shims.

When I got reasonable close to the right compound taper, I slipped each shim under the front legs and drilled through the shims and cockpit floor using the support flange holes as a guide. Then I applied white marine tex, which is an epoxy putty, to the underside of the two forward tapered shims and then screwed down all four T-Top legs. I used marine tex because being rather thick it was able to compensate for the lack of precision of my tapering. 

The next morning I unscrewed the T-Top legs and found the shims to be securely bonded to the floor. I then applied 3M 5200 to the screw holes and the top and sides of the shims and reattached the T-Top permanently to the boat. All the surfaces of the wood shim are encapsulated with the 5200 caulking.

I am very impressed with the stiffness of the T-Top after installing the side supports to my console. The whole assembly, as shown in the last photo, gives us a very secure feeling when traveling in rough water to the point that I plan to remove the standard Whaler railings around the console since holding on to your T-Top feels safer and more natural.

 Fishmaster did a great job in engineering and manufacturing this unit and your instructions were easy to follow. Patty Cake is a very happy little boat. Good work!


Ray Leoni,

Cape Cod, Centerville MA   



Gregg Swain's Boston Whaler

We purchased our Fishmaster T-Top for our whaler a few years back. We had worked with Chris who was most helpful in providing us advice.

We were traveling from Wisconsin to Florida, when we stopped by your factory and picked up the top.    We then proceeded down to southern Florida, which made the total trip come to about 29 hours.  We were staying at a house which was located on a remote island and were going to be using our Whaler for our mode of transportation.

Upon arriving in Florida, we  stopped at a local Wal-Mart, where my wife and one of my daughters went inside to purchase provisions for the week.   My other daughter and I stayed behind and decided that we would begin installing or new T-Top.   Not sure how long the process would take, we assumed that our Parking Lot installation would at least allow us to get the frame out of the box, and hopefully an understanding of the job ahead of us.   We had with us a limited tool set, and a few cordless power tools.

After about 45 Minutes, my wife and daughter came out of the Wal-Mart with their purchase to find that the T-Top was fully installed.  The only thing remaining to do was to put on the top canvas.

Your product is very easy to install, and your instructions were easy to understand and complete.

We then enjoyed the new T-Top for the remainder of our trip in Florida.   The week went fast and we had to return to Wisconsin.  As the week was coming to an end, we saw that a major snow storm was developing in the middle of the country.   We figured, we would work our way home, and see along the way how the storm progressed.   We got to Indiana, when we came into a true blizzard.  The boat in toe, with our new T-Top on.   This was going to be a real test.   We drove through three states that were in blizzard warnings.  At one point the winds were according to NOAA radio gusting out of the north at 55 mph, and the snow was averaging 14” on the road, with some amazing drifts.   We took our time and continued north.  The whole time the T-Top held up perfectly.  When we left Florida the temperatures were in the 80’s.  When we arrived home it was -38 degrees and that did not include wind chill.  

It has now almost been two years that we have been using the Whaler with the T-Top.  The boat has been to Canada, traveled on three of the Great Lakes, the Mississippi River, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and a number of smaller inland lakes.  No matter where we travel, we are always getting many comments about the boat, and often about the top.

I thank you for having a quality product, and want to thank Chris again for his help.

Greg Swain


Steven Prato's Boston Whaler


Kenny Stetz's Boston Whaler


Doug Allen's 15 Foot Boston Whaler Montauk


Eric Oster's Boston Whaler

It's been about a year now that I have had the top. It installed easily on my Montauk.  It has also been a life saver from the California sun.
It has been on the water a minimum of once a week in the SF bay. Great product!